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A Green Star Floorcovering

Comcork Flooring, a Green Star Compliant resilient floor covering is specially formulated and manufactured to take advantage of the natural properties of cork and rubber. Flexible, resilient, excellent thermal and sound insulation properties suitable for floor areas subject to high foot traffic where long life & safety are important pre-requisites.
Comcork Flooring is an ecologically sustainable alternative as it contains recycled Cork content which makes up approx. 70% of the product. Ideal for both commercial and domestic uses, Comcork’s rugged tough wearing properties offer a floor that’s warm in winter and cool in summer. A floor that is highly resistant to marks and stains, and a floor that’s soft underfoot. Acoustically superior to manmade flooring, Comcork’s natural flooring contains no chemical irritants and is resistant to insects. And as it ages it does so with grace, developing a warm patina that improves with use.
The inclusion of cork enables Comcork Flooring to deliver a number of benefits which meet the special needs of Aged & Child Care, Education, Fitness & Leisure, Commercial, Residential, Hospitality, Transport and Marine, Industrial & Tactiles. These benefits include comfort, thermal and acoustic insulation, safety, dimensional stability and many more. It is the flooring of the future.
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