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Green paving for sustainable landscapes

Water soaking back into ground is very important to recharge ground water creeks and streams, the process naturally filters the water providing cleaner healthier waterways.

As we have been building urban areas we have created vast amounts of impervious surface in the forms of building, road and footpaths. We simply channeled the water down gutters, into drain carrying pollutants and creating stormwater surges. This in turn creates a rush of polluted water that hits our waterways and cause erosion and flooding.
If all of our paving was fully porous, almost no stormwater would be washing pollutants into the waterways.
StoneSet is more porous then turf and as it doesn’t compact over time and is better then mulch too.
StoneSet is used as a porous paving for both tree surrounds, car parks and driveways.
All StoneSet products are fully permeable which allows water to penetrate the surface and flow through to the ground below. With issues surrounding flooding and pollution, a permeable surface is becoming increasingly important, in fact essential.
Because of the strength of our high grade resin, our design process uses optimal amounts of resin so creating a strong bond. This results in the particles being held firmly together at the points of contact only, leaving voids for water and air to permeate through.
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