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Entrance Matting System


ABI (Almelose Borstel Industrie) is specialized in the first two entrance areas, partly thanks to our brushes, which, as manufacturers, we use in all sorts of shapes and sizes in our entrance mats.


First area
The first area is designed to remove coarse grit, sand and gravel from shoe soles. Our roll-up brush mat and Aluflex mats with brush inlay or rubber are just right for this job. You can, of course also opt for our Duplomat with brushes, rubber or a combination of the two.
Second area
Once you step inside, the second area will ensure that moisture will not get any further. This provides the optimum solution to keep your building, shop or office clean indoors!
For this second area both our Aluflex mats with carpet strips and needle punch carpet and our Duplo mats are widely used.
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